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There are many brands of film available and just as many different installers. We find that more and more often customers are searching for something more - something better. While first-time tinting customers are usually just looking for the cheapest price, most of our customers have used other tinting services before and unfortunately it’s not the experience they expected. That’s when most turn to us. When you want more than something that just darkens the window. When you want the cleanest installation possible with both master hand cut and precision computer cut film. When you want a product that actually performs and is worth your hard earned money that you will enjoy for years. When service matters and you trust that the time will be taken to do the absolute best job and the company will stand behind EVERY job they do. Then we are the only choice.

SO happy with the way my tint looks on my car! The tint definitely made my 2018 car look brand new all over again. Would not use anyone else but Trent Ciccone!
— Courtney Hallford, ★★★★★

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When we started this company, our goal was to be the best. It wasn’t long before we realized that the quality of work and quality of service we produced was unsurpassed and our next goal was to insure that we delivered a product that matched that same level of quality. That’s where we found 3M. After working with SEVERAL top manufacturers, testing their products, diving deep into material and testing data, we kept ending up at the same place: with 3M products. Like most industries, most window tinters focus solely on material cost. Some to keep their prices low and competitive, and some just to keep their profits as high as possible. Our products out perform, not just on day one, but over time as well. With that comes a much greater cost than other product on the market, and we are okay with that because we sleep good knowing you left with the best tint job and service that money can buy!

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Our Film Selection

3M Crystalline

• Up to 97% IR heat rejection.

•As light as 90% visible light transmission.
Perfect for windshields. Absolutely clear to the sight but with greater heat rejection that comparable films.

•As dark as 20% vlt

•Non-ceramic so you’ll expect longer life of heat rejection, no signal interference, better optical clarity with no reflectivity associated with ceramic.

•Note: Our best film. This film isn’t for every budget but if the level of comfort and quality is important to you than there is no substitute.

3M Color Stable

• Lowest fade rate of any film on the market.

•Truest to “black “ color

•Excellent heat rejection over the life of the product.

•5%, 20%, 35%, 50% available

•Note: Our most popular film. Very high heat rejection for its class coupled with a lifespan of performance that is unparalleled.

3M FX Premium

•Our standard lifetime warranty film.

•A good film for increased comfort on a budget coupled with our expert install.