Ceramic Coating and Paint Correction Services in Pensacola, FL


Trent Ciccone Tint & Detail offers a variety of coatings and paint correction services that will enhance the look of your vehicle.


Paint Correction Services

Is the paint job on your car not looking as perfect as it did when you purchased it? Your car's paint job can be affected by a variety of factors, such as swirl marks, bird droppings, fine and deep scratches, acid rain etching, and even oxidation.

Let Trent Ciccone Tint & Detail restore and rejuvenate your vehicle's paint job with our top quality paint correction services. We will have your car looking like new in no time. Call us today for more information!

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What is paint correction?

Our definition of paint correction is fixing any and all flaws/scratches/swirls/holograms in paint that can possibly be fixed without having to repaint the vehicle. In some cases, this can include touch-up paint and rock chips. Almost always, this type of effort put into factory paint (of almost any condition) will yield a finished product far better than what a cheap paint job will bring and will save thousands in comparison to a new, high-quality paint job.

Even new cars can and will need paint correction, especially before ceramic coating. Anything short of this process we have broken down into different levels of polishing packages.

The paint correction process is very time consuming and requires both finesse and a trained eye to see even the finest details that most would overlook. This process leaves the paint with a much deeper shine, gloss, and depth than the “buffing and waxing” of the past.

How long does it take to perform a paint correction?

In most cases, we can do this job in one day. Often times though, it can spill over into a two-day period. We usually ask that a vehicle be dropped off sometime the previous day before the scheduled appointment and plan on receiving the vehicle back the next or following day. This process takes time, patience, and skill. As it takes time and skill to perform the level of work that we do, we ask that you allow the time necessary to do so. After all, we never want to return a vehicle that is not to our standard simply because we were crunched for time.